Anti-diabetic Medication (Patient Information Leaflets):

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Oral Medication:

Injectables — Anti-diabetic medication with weight reduction properties:

Injectables — Insulins:

*In the UK, insulins are generally of U-100 concentration (i.e., 100 units of insulin per milli-litre [mL] of solution). There are exceptions to this and in those instances the concentration of the insulin is higher and special markings highlight this in order to avoid confusion and drug errors. These exceptions include the insulin concentrations of U-200 (with 200 units of insulin per milli-litre [mL] of solution) and U-300 (with 300 units of insulin per milli-litre [mL] of solution).

Weight reduction (Anti-obesity) Injections (Patient Information Leaflets):

Weight reduction (Anti-obesity) Oral Medications (Patient Information Leaflets):

Miscellaneous Medications and Treatments (Patient Information Leaflets):

Endocrine Medications (Patient Information Leaflets):